Are Your Soft Skills “Savvy” Enough?

Have you ever thought about the difference between the person whose career seems to be taking off, and someone equally skilled that can’t seem to get the same breaks? Learn to dine, network, make small talk, and make formal introductions.  Your soft skills truly matter!

More often than not, that star employee has a good grasp of something called Business Etiquette, a knowledge of the proper form, rules, manners, or customs required in specific situations, as well as how to carry out those requirements. Most people don’t lose their jobs or fail to excel because of low skills. 80% of people who are let go or get passed over for promotions lack professional etiquette and social skills.  According to research by Harvard University, 85% of job success is based on people skills. 

This presentation will improve your business intelligence by informing you the vital skills needed to thrive, not just survive, in any business environment.

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