Image Coaching.

Standing in front of your closet each morning and hoping a great outfit will emerge from the chaos that is your wardrobe is a recipe for starting your day out stressed.

But Treva can help with that. She will help you edit your closet, organizing not only your clothes, but also, by extension, your life! You will experience satisfaction and peace of mind almost immediately. Treva will dive into your closet, digging out the treasure and discarding the duds. She’ll suggest items for your closet and help you best utilize your space for maximum use and practicality.

Treva has noted throughout her years as a coach that most people spend their money on the wrong articles of clothing. She helps her clients reinvent their wardrobes from within their existing closets, saving money in the long run. You’ll only spend money on a few select items that will enhance what you already have.

If you’ve spent hours of time and way too much money, and you still have trouble putting yourself together, Treva can help you change your life.

Are you ready to update your image? Call today to start building a fabulous closet!


  • Signature Closet Cleanup
  • Wardrobe Styling
  • Travel Packing Service
  • Personal Shopping
  • Figure and Color Analysis
  • Makeup Application

Styling Rates.

Treva charges $100 per hour for all styling services.

Seminars. Keynotes. Women’s Events.

Treva is available for seminars, keynotes, and women’s events on:

  • Is Retail Therapy Real?  Why Shopping is Cheaper Than Getting a Therapist!
  • How to Look Like a Million Dollars without Spending it
  • Middle Age, Menopause and Muffin Tops
  • Image Essentials for the Professional Woman
  • Building a Capsule Closet – 15 Items you Need Now!
  • Dressing for Your Body Shape – Get Measured and Go Shopping
  • What Makes You Happy?  Live your Life with Passion and Purpose

Contact Treva for special booking rates and information.

Thank you, Treva.  You completely and totally transformed by wardrobe in ways I have never experienced before. Definitely one of the best investments I have ever made in myself! In a short amount of time, I was able to get a wardrobe that was easily $1000 in clothes and shoes and it only cost me a fraction of that amount. By working with Treva, my confidence is extremely high right now because I feel like I am presenting my best self everywhere I go.  That you so much for your expertise!

David Meyer
Speaker and Author