“Exceptionally engaging, Treva exudes eloquence and professionalism while at the same time, inspiring people through her stories and strategies that captivate her audience and moves people to action.”

Are you looking for a speaker who is gracefully charismatic and powerfully entertaining? Look no further – Treva Graves “brings it all” – and then some! Treva has over 20 years of professional experience as a corporate communication and image coach in the business and healthcare industry. Her dynamic message is filled with dozens of real business challenges, and her powerful systems compel her audiences to take action with unparalleled vigor. Treva’s programs offer a tremendous opportunity to rejuvenate your business from “savvying” up your soft skills, to enhancing your professional image and learning how your verbal and nonverbal communication skills impact your personal and professional relationships. Her seminars and keynote programs help you see the impact personal presence has on your professional success.

Communicate with Impact

Speak Clearly and Confidently for Success

Are you ready to get up and make a presentation right now? A Stanford University study revealed that a person’s success in life can be predicted by the way he or she answers that question. Studies show that communication skills impact individual effectiveness and 

success more than any other skill, including technical knowledge. In a business climate where individuals are constantly and continuously overloaded with information, it is no longer enough to simply communicate information. Your success depends on your ability to speak confidently and persuasively. This seminar is designed to cover everything from preparation, structure, delivery, strategy, and the use of visual aids and handing Q&A sessions. You will learn techniques and winning tools to present ideas with confidence, conviction, control, and poise – all without fear!

Learn specific skills to help you:

  • Become Comfortable with Your Individual Presentation Style
  • Project a Professional Image
  • Learn the Art of Persuasion
  • Learn to See how Others See You Through use of Video Recordings
  • Improve Your Physical Skills to Convey Confidence
  • Control Nervousness
  • Understand What Your Body Language Says About You
  • Proven Techniques Are Taught to Get Rid of “Filler Words”
  • Organize Your Talk to Get Your Message Across Clearly to Get Attention and
  • Keep Audience Interest
  • Use Presentation Aids and Color to Support Your Message
  • Respond to Audience Questions Appropriately
  • Learn How to Run a Business Meeting Effectively

Session Includes 1:1 Coaching and Peer Feedback

Is Retail Therapy Real?  How Shopping is Cheaper Than Getting a Therapist!

This fun and interactive image seminar is filled with energy, excitement, engagement, and a little dancing too! Centered around Michael Jackson’s song “Enjoy Yourself,” the seminar or keynote focuses on how retail therapy can actually help you feel better about yourself all while having fun! Treva shares humorous stories about her retail shopping experiences that will make you smile and laugh!  You will learn how to shop the right way by learning about body shapes, color and trends you should or should not pay attention to!  Tips will be shared on how to create a capsule wardrobe that’s easy and stress-free. Participants will learn to identify how individual poise and self-image affect both personal and business success. Learn how to avoid the most common image mistakes, and shop with confidence to get the perfect fit every time. Shop “smart” every time with Treva’s top 10 tips! Participants will leave this seminar feeling energized, confident and ready to make a statement! You will see yourself as attractive, competent, and successful.

You Will Learn how to:

  • Polish Your Personal Presence
  • Put Together your BEST EVER Wardrobe
  • Get Treva’s Top 10 Wardrobe Staples and Shopping Tips
  • Learn What Business Casual Really Is
  • Understand the Impact of Color and Makeup
  • Learn How to Make a “Shopping List” to Complete Your Wardrobe
  • Select Styles that Look Best on You
  • Make the Most of What’s in Your Closet
  • How to Shop for Items that Flatter your Figure and Shape


Discover Your Unique Ingredient

Business professionals want to be perceived as honest, sincere, confident, knowledgeable, and credible. Your visual and behavioral messages precede anything you do or say. Those messages can greatly affect your level of impact and achievement, and will determine your professional presence. Does your brand align who you are with what you do? Each of us has an ingredient that is uniquely ours. What is your unique ingredient? This seminar outlines and instructs the critical components that communicate your expertise and professionalism. You will discover how to develop and consistently demonstrate powerful soft skills to communicate a professional image, both in how you look and in how you interact. You will also learn behavioral strategies to help understand the relevance of the message your appearance communicates and how to avoid common mistakes that sabotage your visual impact.

Participants will gain confidence in how to:

  • Work a Room and Effectively Network
  • Make Proper Introductions
  • Handshake in a way that Forms a Lasting Impression
  • Remember Names
  • Use Electronic Communication Professionally
  • Determine Suitable Working Attire
  • Display Eye Contact and Body Language Effectively
  • Present and Receive Business Cards Appropriately
  • Initiate Conversations and Manage Small Talk
  • Construct a Professional Wardrobe on a Budget
  • Enhance your Soft Skills for Business Success

Excellence in Customer Service — Outclass Your Competition

Knowing how to give exceptional customer service is one of the keys to growing and sustaining your business. Treva’s customer service training program can do everything from helping your organization to establish a service strategy and behavioral standards, to teaching your receptionists and other front-line employees how to effectively communicate. This program also addresses the soft skills your employees need to better serve their customers, clients, and partners over the telephone, electronically, and in-person.This seminar will enhance your customer service intelligence by engaging you in the vital skills you need to thrive, not just survive, in any business environment. You will learn how to “Wipe your Feet at the Front Door” by using Treva’s 3-Second Pause strategy — a solution to handling difficult encounters!

This course also covers the importance of:

  • A Professional Image
  • First Impressions
  • Having a Positive Attitude
  • Improved Listening Skills
  • Showing Compassion for Your Clients
  • Handling Client and Customer Conflict
  • Assertiveness
  • Problem Solving
  • Stress Management
  • Electronic Communication
  • Develop Savvy Soft Skills

Options are also available for supervisors and managers. Customer service flows from the top down. It is important that your supervisors and managers are trained on how to hold employees accountable. Programs can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Program Options

Each of these sessions can be delivered in keynote, bi-weekly, half-day, or full-day seminar format. Contact Treva today!

“Treva spoke to our female students about women in leadership. Though her presentation included information on how to look professional and put forth one’s best self, she also coached our students on becoming an effective leader and most of all, a good person. Additional advice was offered on communication, confidence, and professionalism. Treva’s personality and expertise make her a role model to young women today. Our students walked away with tools they need to be a successful woman in our world today.”

Elli Wiemers, Principal – Spencer High School & Liz Kluver, Career Coordinator – Spencer High School, Spencer, Iowa