Executive Presence – Your Polished Leadership Brand.

An executive with presence has the ability to lead, to engage, to align, to inspire, and to move people into action. These are more than simple skills; they are qualities. Executive presence exudes from an individual who has these qualities deeply ingrained so that they are natural and infectious. People are eager to sit up and listen and to stand up and act for someone with executive presence.

Treva has spent years observing, learning, studying, and embodying executive presence. She has also spent a considerable amount of time planning for and preparing a process that will allow her clients to embody executive presence as well.

Executive presence can be defined by 15 qualities, broken down into three categories:

Character Qualities, which build trust: Authenticity, Integrity, Concern, Restraint, and Humility

Substance Qualities, which win you credibility: Practical Wisdom, Confidence, Composure, Resonance, and Vision

Style Qualities, which help you influence others to get things done: Appearance, Intentionality, Interactivity, Inclusiveness, Assertiveness.

Anyone can Develop a Stronger, More Powerful Executive Presence

Begin by familiarizing yourself with the qualities of executive presence and opening up dialogue with your trusted advisors.

Seek Self Knowledge. See How Others Perceive You as a Leader.

Your executive presence is your brand. Essentially, it is how others think of you when you are not around. Ask your trusted advisors about your strengths and weaknesses.


For example:

  • Are you decisive when it comes to making tough calls? That’s Confidence.
  • Do you care about others and help them succeed? That’s Concern.
  • Are you cool in a crisis? That’s Composure.
  • Do you ask questions that get to the heart of a matter? That’s Practical Wisdom.

Treva’s Executive Coaching program is ideal for anyone in business, sales, healthcare, or leadership and for anyone who is preparing for a promotion or a transition into another career. As your Executive Coach, Treva will help you learn to leverage your strengths and build up the underdeveloped aspects of your presence. You will meet, one-on-one, either at her office or in your workplace. First, you will undergo a consultation so that Treva best understand the focus of your goals. The length of your individualized executive coaching program will then depend on the complexity of those goals. You will also receive follow-up coaching after you complete the program in order to ensure the maintenance of your newly learned skills.

By far the best leaders consider themselves lifelong learners who know they can always strive for personal development. The invest time and energy into becoming the best version of themselves possible. The best organizations invest in developing those types of leaders, skilled, competent, with the attitude and motivation to keep going and keep growing.

Are you ready? It is time to invest in you! You will be amazed at what you are capable of once we start working together.

Call today to set up your initial consultation to get on your way to maximizing your executive presence.

“The University of South Dakota-Sanford School of Medicine Graduate Women in Medicine and Science group sends you heartfelt thanks for the outstanding presentation you gave at our annual GWIMS Etiquette Event. Your expertise has helped our members realize the importance of a professional persona that incorporates interviewing skills, appropriate wardrobe choices and even table etiquette. There is truth in the saying ‘you never get a chance to make a first impression’ and you have helped us tremendously to ensure we make a positive impression, from first to last. Her clients have included healthcare professionals, business executives and men and women looking to update their image.”

Sarah A. Jones Sapienza, MD, FACS, FAAP
Assistant Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics | USD-Sanford School of Medicine | Sanford Children’s Hospital