The Etiquette Edge for Business Success

How is your workplace culture? Are your employees using good manners and treating each other with respect? Workplace incivility is at an all-time high and damages your reputation, your customer relationships, employee productivity and the quality of their work. If poor etiquette is affecting your bottom line, it’s time to call Treva. She will help you create a culture of respect so you can achieve results to increase your sales, profits and your credibility. Treva is the area’s only certified business etiquette trainer and unlike other training programs, she delves deep into your concerns and will advise you on how to solve these problems so your employees are productive and engaged. She will show you how important it is to “Wipe Your Feet At the Front Door” to create behavior change for a happier workplace. Her sessions are packed with information and strategies employees can utilize right away. She uses real-life examples and situations that employees participate in throughout the seminar. You will learn Treva’s valuable “3-Second Pause” strategy — a solution to handling difficult encounters with colleagues or customers. Managers and employees alike will take ideas and strategies to keep their own behavior in check to foster civility among co-workers and create a positive work culture through better communication. This seminar is great for a “refresher” as well.

Questions to Think About – What are your “Pain Points”?

  • What is your employee turnover?
  • What is the cost of rude and distracting behavior in your office?
  • How is it hurting customer satisfaction and loyalty?
  • Is it causing more complaints, by employees and customers alike?
  • How could business etiquette improve your ability to close more sales?
  • How important is the impression that your employees make?
  • What would it be worth to improve that impression?
  • Are your employees using poor manners on the phone or while dining with clients?
  • Are your managers failing to reward and appreciate employees for their contributions?
  • Does your company need a “refresher” on practicing good business etiquette?

Treva offers valuable solutions to these problems by increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction and employee engagement with increased sales and profits. Your workplace morale will improve which makes it easier to recruit great people!

Remember, most people don’t lose their jobs or fail to excel because of low skills. Shocking isn’t it? 80% of people who are let go or get passed over for promotions lack professional etiquette and social skills. Treva helps professionals master the critical but often overlooked skills needed to “outclass your competition.” According to research by Harvard University, 85% of job success is based on people skills.

From your first impression to your everyday tasks, you need to be on point and ready to meet the needs of your colleagues, customers and managers. She guarantees you will learn how to nail the essentials to increase your chances for success and advancement by informing and instructing you in the vital skills you need to thrive, not just survive, in any business environment.

Treva is known for her fun, modern, relevant and interactive seminars that will have your employees asking for more. Take your company to the next level by hiring Treva! Good professional etiquette has never been more important. A happy workplace culture is a productive one. Training is available for employees in business, retail, hospitality and healthcare settings.

Schedule your company’s seminar today and see immediate results tomorrow! Sessions can be modified for keynote, bi-weekly meetings, ½ day or full day workshops. Treva is also available for individual etiquette coaching. Be sure to sign up for her newsletter to receive your free etiquette tip that will be emailed to you weekly.

Dining Etiquette

Dining Etiquette is also just as important as 80% of interviews and meetings are held over lunch! Astute professionals equate good manners at the table with competence in business. Appropriate dining skills play a major role in business today. Participants will learn how to dine and entertain with skill and confidence.

Learn about Treva’s “3-Second Pause” strategy that will quickly take your company’s work culture from negative to positive immediately!

To find out more, register your company for Treva’s Business Etiquette Training today.

Benefits of Business Etiquette Training

  • Improved Relationships with Customers, Investors and Employees
  • A Better Image for Your Company
  • Improved Communication Throughout Your Organization
  • Improved Customer Service and Support
  • A Higher Level of Productivity and Work Morale

Topics Covered Include:

  • Learn What “Wipe your Feet at the Front Door” Really Means
  • 3-Second Pause Strategy
  • Network with Success Including use of Social Media
  • The Art of Introductions and Remembering Names
  • The Power of a Handshake
  • Eye Contact and Body Language
  • Business Card Protocol
  • Telephone, Smartphone and Electronic Etiquette
  • Gender and Generations in the Workplace
  • Please, Thank you, You’re Welcome
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Apologies and Mistakes
  • How to Handle Co-Worker and Customer Conflict
  • Telecommuting and the Home Office
  • Hosting, Attending and Speaking at the Perfect Meeting
  • Host/Hostess Duties
  • Understand a Formal vs. Informal Table Setting
  • American/Continental Dining
  • Seating Guidelines
  • Silverware and Stemware Briefing
  • Handling of Flatware
  • Napkin Etiquette
  • Wine Tasting
  • Toasting
  • Tipping
  • Many Other Etiquette Rules

“Treva Graves’ expertise is refreshing! In a business world that moves whirlwind fast, etiquette often takes a backseat. Treva’s business & dining etiquette training can help set a business apart from its competition. It’s not necessarily about following every rule of etiquette, but more so about being prepared and confident to navigate any business setting, formal or casual. Preparation leads to confidence and we are all the best version of ourselves when we step into a business deal or business dining experience with confidence.”

Kira Kimball
Chief Innovative Officer | Howalt+McDowell | A Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC Company – Sioux Falls, SD