Mar 14
Mar 05

Communicate with Impact

How Yoga Can Improve your Communication Skills Let’s face it! I was pretty skeptical when I thought about trying yoga.  I wondered how yoga could ever be a full “workout” without running, biking or doing circuit training and sweating!  But, my friends encouraged me to give it a try and... read more →
Feb 27
Feb 14

Presentation Openings

The first few minutes of a presentation are when speakers are the most apprehensive. They are also some of the most important minutes of your presentation. People will form an impression of you very quickly so your introduction must be strong. Prepare your introduction in advance and practice it so... read more →
Feb 01

Raising Confident Daughters

6 Tips for Success Raising a daughter who is confident, well-mannered and has a good self-image is not easy, especially in today’s uncivil world.  Growing up, I was not the most confident person, but I’ve come a long way since struggling with my own confidence growing up. As a mother... read more →
Jan 22

Inspire Your Inner Confidence

5 Tips to Help Raise your Self-Esteem Confidence is crucial in our lives for building self-worth in both our personal and professional lives.   We need confidence to build relationships, raise our kids and perform well at work.  In many ways our level of self-confidence determines our success in in... read more →
Jan 11